Hey hey!

My name is Rita Santos, but most people know me as Rita Pita (call me whichever you’d like). I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but my photography services are totally portable, and I can travel to your dream destination with camera in hand.

I enjoy being a photographer for two reasons: for the small "eeks" I hear after showing clients their pictures, and for the small "eeks" I make after capturing them. If you’re up for it, you should know that I’m a bit of a thrill seeker. I like the shots that require me to hang off the side of a cliff, where the only thing holding me from falling is the grace of God and a twig of a tree that I’ve got my arm wrapped around for support. I have a passion for going off the beaten path in order to find new and undiscovered backdrops where there are endless opportunities to use my imagination to capture you. Regardless if you’re a thrill seeker like me or not, I can execute whatever style you’re looking for.

When my dream to start my own photography business finally started to take root, I was at a loss for a business name. My friend, who now happens to be my husband, gave the idea to name it, “Of His Fold Photography,” which comes from John 10, one of my favorite Bible passages. In this passage God showed me that He’d always been graciously waiting for me to come into His fold, and that He’s given me (and all who are of His fold) the joy of displaying to others who He is, His deep love for them and His desire for them to also enter His fold. In light of this, it’s my ambition that in everything, including photography, that I would do it with excellence in order to display His character and love well.

If you choose to work with me, know that I will honor your requests, I will capture you and your day authentically (without loading any extra stress onto you), and you will be delighted that your amazing memories were captured effortlessly! Whether you’re looking for a photographer who will climb the highest height to capture that breathtaking shot for you or you’re simply looking for a photographer who will capture your candid moments, I hope to be the photographer you choose for you and your family! Please shoot me an email or a phone call, let’s connect and let’s capture some memories!